Our Staff

Our Staff

Dave Kappus

Born in 1944, he is still highly active in the day-to-day operations of the business. He has been a resident of Putnam Valley since 1975. He obtained his 1st license in 1972 at the age of 28, in the town/city of Harrison. He went on to own 24 licenses in Westchester County. He obtained his Putnam County License in 1974 and his Connecticut license in 1996.

He currently has over 50 years experience in the plumbing industry, and is also highly skilled and knowledgeable in carpentry,  landscaping and cooking.

Paul Kappus

Born in 1974, he is married to Jess Kappus, is the son of Dave Kappus and is the 4th generation manager of the company. He has been working for the company since 1986 at the age of 12, giving his father a hand during summers and weekends.

He graduated with a certificate of excellence in technology, presented by future business leaders of America. He obtained his management position and shareholder of the company in 1999. He obtained his Well Pump Installers License in 2007 and his Putnam County Journeyman’s License in 2002.

Paul is highly skilled and knowledgeable in carpentry, electrical, welding, machining, automotive, and is an all around mechanic. He enjoys auto racing, snowmobiling, high performance boat building and racing, and working in his machine shop.

Tommy Jennings

Tommy brings over 10 years experience to our team and has worked for Kappus Pumps and Plumbing since 2007. Tommy is a general well pump and plumbing repair mechanic.  He obtained his Putnam County Journeyman’s License in 2014 and is a licensed NYS DEC well pump installer.

He enjoys football, darts and playing with his dog.

Jay Meister

Born in 1983,  Jay  graduated college in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Western Connecticut State University. Jay started working for the company in 2001 at the age of 18. He then went on to acquire his Well Pump Installers License in 2007 and his Putnam County Journeyman’s License in 2009. Jay passed his Putnam County Master Plumbers test and obtained his master plumbers license in 2015. He currently is one of the company’s top plumbing mechanics/well pump installers.

Jay enjoys playing softball, football, basketball, rugby, darts, quad riding, and playing fetch with his dog.



Born in 2006, Kody is the company mascot. His breeder was the founder of the German Shepherd Club of America. He was trained by Sarah Hodgson and was featured in her training book titled: “Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training.” He enjoys chasing balls, squirrels, and of course,  his own tail.